What Is the Best Flag Poles For Rallies?

American and other flags are essential for any rally, parade or display of military pride. If a group wants to showcase their flag they need to make sure it is appropriately displayed at all times. Displaying the flag upside down can cause offence to those that see it. Therefore it is necessary to know how to properly display the flag.




One of the first things to do when organising a rally or display of American flags is to secure the flags. There are many ways in which to do this depending on the event. For example some rally organisers use flag poles along the parade route and raise them high into the air. Others raise the flags on poles behind the rally stage and allow them to drop down as the rally progresses. Finally others still use fixed flag poles in designated locations throughout the rally, which are then raised to the height of the flags.

It is essential to get the right flag for the right occasion. The colours of the American flag must be a white flag when it is used during a rally or parade and the flag flown at half mast at any public ceremony. When there is a dinner then the American flag is also lowered to half mast at the dinner. This rule does not apply however to the flag flown above the President’s chair. Even though the flag is not hoisted into the air, it is essential to ensure that it is secure and stable. The flagpole must be strong enough to support the weight of the flag, whether it is weighted down by ropes or placed on top of a vehicle.

As the flagpole is secure, it must be able to withstand the pressure exerted on it by the rally crowd pushing against it. rally organisers like to keep a few flags at each end of the rally course so that the race can be kept on track. It is essential therefore to ensure that flag poles are strong enough to withstand the pressure of the crowd pushing on them. In addition a flagpole made from steel is much more likely to survive a fall than those made from aluminium. Steel flag poles are also more likely to have the flag unfurled properly and be in position on the correct side.


Choosing flag poles


When choosing flag poles, it is important that you consider how many poles you need for the amount of traffic expected at the event. Large events sometimes use several poles to create an impression of a larger rally. This is known as ‘trussing’ and can create a safer atmosphere as there will be less chance for a flag to be dislodged in the crowd. However, there are safety concerns about trusses and rally fencing being able to withstand too much pressure while the rally is going on.

Some smaller events may not require as many flag poles. Usually the smallest rally flagpole is sufficient for a one way rally. However, if a course has several corners it is wise to have extra flag poles positioned along the outside edges of each corner of the course. This way the rally fans can clearly spot the flag and it is less likely to fall off.

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