what are the common coloured contact lenses?

Choosing the Right Coloured Contact Lenses

Various things should be kept in mind while choosing the right coloured contact lenses. The first thing that one should keep in mind is the centre of the lens. Generally, all kinds of Coloured Contact Lenses have two parts – the coloured part and the clear part. If the centre of the lens is clear then it is called a clear lens. If the centre of the lens is coloured, then it is known as a coloured lens. It is the type of coloured contact lens that determines the colour of the eyes.


Some of the common coloured contact lenses

are dark brown, dark blue, light brown, light green, grey, navy blue and black. These colours provide a natural effect. However, if you want to look more attractive and graceful then choose a dark coloured contact lens. For dark brown eyes, it is suggested to choose contacts with a dark brown shade. Similarly, if you have eyes of navy blue then better to get contacts with a darker shade of blue.


Apart from eye colour

there are other factors like eye skin tone, skin depth, etc that determine the kind of coloured contact lenses that suits you. Therefore, you should choose your coloured contact lenses according to these factors. If you have warm undertones then it is better to get blue coloured contact lenses. Similarly, if you have cool undertones then it is better to get green or grey colour contacts. Apart from these, if you have very warm undertones then it is better to get warm eyes coloured lenses. So, it is up to you to decide how much you want to change your eye colour.


If you want to make your eye colour look brighter

and fairer than you can try getting blue, green and grey coloured contact lenses. Grey would be best for people who have dark eye colours but not too dark to look blue or green. Green coloured contact lenses would look very good on those with lighter eye colours. On the other hand, blue and yellow would suit people having dark eye colour but not too dark to look green or grey. If you have warm undertones then blue or green coloured contact lenses would look great on you.


If you are not very sure about whether your natural eye colour matches

with the right tints in your lenses, then you can opt for eye coloured contact lenses which are tints or in-lenses. These coloured contacts are tints of a single coloured lens fitted onto your eye. One advantage of these is that they do not affect your natural eye colour. Some of these are also called visibility tints as they cover some portion of your eye.


You can use either brown, hazel, or peach to complement your skin undertone.

The most popular and the most preferable of these coloured contact lenses are the brown tint which gives an appearance of depth to your eyes and at the same time gives an impression of wide-eyedness. The hazel-hazel coloured contact lenses are particularly designed to help you appear younger than your real age. peach lenses are perfect for those who have green or blue undertones, while the brown-hazel ones complement the natural colours of the eyes.

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