What Are My Options If I Can’t Pay My Electricity Meter Fees?

Prepayment Meters can also be programmed to turn lights on for a specific period of time

A prepayment electricity meter is a portable electronic device which records and monitors your house s electricity use in real time. Most homes, mobile homes and apartment complexes have several advanced electricity meters already installed, allowing you to get your lighting turned on quickly without having to stand in the middle of the street. These advanced meters are able to record and track the amount of electricity used per minute and will alert you or any other building owner of unusual electricity use. Some Prepayment Meters can also be programmed to turn lights on for a specific period of time, while others can be programmed to turn lights off. The main advantage of a Prepayment Meter is its convenience; other benefits are also available.

There are several things you should consider when using this type of meter. When taking advantage of a Prepayment Electricity Meter, there are a few things you should do first. Firstly, you should turn the power off at the breaker box, and if the meter is attached to the system by a cord then take this out as well. Otherwise you will need a wire loom to take off the meter from the system. Next you should plug the meter into an electric supply point such as a wall socket and then take the meter reading from the device.

Prepayment Solution prevents you from paying a higher tariff in your electricity bill

This particular electricity meter has a prepayment solution built in to it; this means that if you are not using any electricity then you will still receive a bill. If you were to start using more electricity before your meter readout showed that you are using less than normal, then the tariff you would have to pay would rise. In this way a Prepayment Solution prevents you from paying a higher tariff if you were to overuse electricity. It is also an effective way of ensuring that you always pay less than your tariff due to your normal consumption, and if you were to stop using the electricity you could still receive a bill.

When you are working with your energy supplier, ask them whether they offer a Prepayment Solution on their meter. This may be one of the easiest ways of getting your debts paid off, as you will no longer have to pay any bills at all. You will just need to find the Prepayment Solution that is right for your circumstances, and then write to your energy supplier to obtain your meter for free. They will send a letter to your debtor confirming the fact that you are registered for a Prepayment Solution. The benefits of such a solution are that you are only charged a low rate for the amount of energy that you use, and that you are not responsible for any debts that you fell behind on.

The disadvantages of a Prepayment Solution on electricity meters

Can be that you will not be able to get an accurate energy bill read. This can sometimes mean that you will find that you are being sent a bill for more that you actually consumed. This can be fixed by contacting the supplier again and asking them to enter your meter details into the system so that you are given an accurate bill. If you did not already have an energy supplier, then you will need to find one. Some suppliers of Prepayment meters allow you to get an account and online account opening. Others will give you an offline account so that you can log in and check your meter yourself.

If you have a Prepayment Solution on your electricity meter, you should keep this record. You may be able to use it to prove to your supplier that you paid an amount that covers the cost of the meter readings. This way, they will be much more likely to offer you a good deal when you come to repay your debts. If you need more advice on how to avoid falling behind on your bills, visit the website of the Citizens Advice Bureau for more information.

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