Things You Should Understand About a Car Accident Attorney

Important Things You Should Understand About a Car Accident Attorney

Following a car accident, a responding police officer typically documents report details of the event. This report called a car accident report includes important data regarding the accident, such as names of the drivers involved in the accident; descriptions of damage to any vehicles or property suffered in the accident, and witness information. In many instances, this report is not produced until a victim has retained an experienced car accident attorney. This is often because some information contained in the report may prove useful in litigation against the negligent parties.


In the report, the police officer will also note any observations

he may have made during the accident. For example, if the officer saw an automobile swerving across the road, he is required by law to record the license plate and make sure it is visible. Further, if he witnessed an accident take place, he must document all relevant details. He may have seen vehicles traveling side to side, went to a point where vehicles hit one another head-on or saw vehicles with both sides broke the windshield wipers during a wind storm. Again, he must note any relevant observations made.


Once the police officer has written his original report

he must forward it to the concerned agent with the intent of obtaining an updated copy. If there are any uncontested facts in the accident report, they will advise the requesting party of these facts. The requesting party will then be provided with the new statement. The new statement should incorporate any new or uncontested information noted in the police report. The insurance companies are then notified that they have new information on which to base their respective decisions regarding any compensation or settlement claim.


Once the police accident report

is submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles, the names and addresses of all parties involved must be noted on the report. A copy of the accident report is then filed along with all the other relevant documents in the process. This entire process is monitored by the Department of Motor Vehicles. If the insurance company has received a copy of this file, it will review the police report within forty-eight hours and determine if they have to provide a settlement or not. If the insurance company determines that the case should be submitted to the court, they must notify the investigating officer immediately.


If the car accident attorney

is not already working for the insurance company, he must inform the investigating police officer who will ensure that the case is submitted to the court. If the case is submitted to the court, he must prepare the proper forms that the car accident attorney will need to fight the case. To prepare the appropriate forms, he must consult with the office of a car accident lawyer who can assist him in preparing the necessary documents.


After everything has been prepared

the accident report is turned over to the attorney. The attorney will then make sure that all the necessary paperwork has been submitted to the insurance company. He will also make sure that the injuries were accurately reported and that all the requisite medical reports have been made as well.

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