the major recipients of the money.

Make Fas Work For His Good

The French call it the1000 Year Gay Renaissance, because in the year 1000 there was an act of the parliament of Bourbons to make FRAS or the Hundred Years Peace. The first move was from the bottom to the top and from there, slowly, the French were able to remove most of the feudal dues from their taxes (they were able to do that without raising taxes altogether). They also added new stipulations to the existing laws to help the peasantry. The result was a massive expansion of money that went mainly to the poorer peasants, who were the major recipients of the money.


The 1000 Year Gay Renaissance has had many effects

on France and its society at large. One of them is that the language has changed a lot. The main ones are, of course, French, but it also has replaced the traditional Latin tongue (la Vuln.) With this comes several loan words: pommeux (to sleep), overtures (to go out), rasserac (to redo something), and a lot more. Some words never leave, like a casserole (soup) or son bouquet (bay leaf.) Some are heretics, such as sassafras (association) and hirche (coffeehouse.)


The new rules have changed French society drastically.

This is especially true in the case of sassafras. A meal at a French restaurant used to be a hearty affair, not something where you order a few cups of wine and a side salad. You usually order a long table, with a long, lazy boy on your right, and the “queen” on your left.


As the “Queen” left the table

she and the rest of her gang of “queenettes” quickly disappeared around the corner. This is because the new ruling class has appointed itself the “Minister of Static Charge” and will use its position to appoint the inspectors who are in control of the new Anti Static charge. The inspectors were forced to take a walk around the entire building, inspecting everything from the ceiling to the railings. They also inspected the mines in the mines, because they believed that the anti-static mines would trigger an explosion if ever they were disturbed.


When all was fine, the inspectors then declared a calm day

and gave everyone in the mines a free tour around their office. They also presented everyone with a list of rules they had to follow to work there. The list was very detailed, explaining how you can’t touch the anti-static charge without approval from the INDUSTRIAL COAL Mines Inspectorate. Some mines had to close down for a few days while the inspectors were in there conducting their review. A lot of people had to be off work for a few days until the inspection is over.


This whole process was very exhausting

both physically and mentally for everyone in the worksite. The government was doing everything it could to make sure the work is done right and on time. They even had to set up several cameras in the worksite to catch any bad behaviors or anything else. Fras always liked working in the mines, but he didn’t want to have any more responsibilities.

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