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Cottage Safety Tips For Dogs

Cottage Safety Tips For Dogs

Cottage safety tips for dogs are just as important as those needed by humans. Just like children, dogs need to learn the difference between what is allowed in the yard and what is not. It can be fun to play games with your dog and let them off-leash a bit more often, but you don’t want to put your dog’s health at risk. If they aren’t playing in fenced-in areas, there are other ways they can learn to stay safe outside.


You probably wouldn’t allow your children to ride in your car

when they are riding without a seatbelt on. You do the same thing with your dog. Your dog needs protection from the elements as much as a kid. They will get hurt and possibly even die if they get too close to a hot engine or something too hot. Many health issues can come from allowing your dog to play outdoors when they aren’t properly protected.


A lot of people buy cottages in rural areas

because they have all of the nature that they need. However, those cottages aren’t always well maintained. There may be spoiled grass, dog food lying around, and unsecured beds or boxes that can be hazardous to your dog. Even if your cottage has secure fencing, animals can easily find their way through it and into your backyard. Some cottages allow you to leave your dog unsupervised as well, but you run the risk of letting strangers into your backyard if you don’t have a reliable dog gate.


Cottage cottages are lovely places to take your family on vacation.

However, they can turn into horrible places if your dog gets too close to a hot stove or a pool or hot tub. Hotters can cause burns and electrical fires as well as create a very dangerous environment for your dog. If your dog gets into one of these overheated areas, he could suffer from severe burns. You may not realize what you’ve done, until the next day you find he’s in the hospital.


Cottage homes should also be kept clean.

Dog wastes, food left outside, and other debris can all be a health risk. It’s also a good idea to keep your pet leashed, so he doesn’t go anywhere he shouldn’t go. Make sure he doesn’t get tangled in any ropes or wire as well. These acts are incredibly harmful to pets as well as people and can cause them to get sick very quickly.


If you keep these simple health tips in mind,

while you’re looking for a place to stay while you’re on vacation, you’ll find that cottages are great places to stay with your dog. These cottages are designed to keep your dog as safe and comfortable as possible while giving you the ability to truly enjoy yourself on your vacation. The healthiest cottages are going to be booked for months in advance, so make sure you book yours now.

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