Is Organic Baby Formula a Good Choice?

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Organic baby formula has become the most popular option for new parents, since most baby formulas contain some level of artificial ingredients. The problems with traditional baby food are manifold, as they often contain harmful chemicals that act as toxins to the baby’s health. For this reason, more parents are seeking out all natural options for their babies.

Organic baby formula normally comes from organic milk products made without the use of artificial hormones, insecticides, pesticides or artificial growth hormones. Some doctors believe that these are actually healthier for your newborn, though always check the labels of your organic baby formula to be sure. Some organic milk formulas use coconut oil or rice milk solids to sweeten it up, which can contribute to weight gain and tooth decay. You may also find that certain brands don’t use real milk, but only lactose-free or lactose substitute milk.

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When looking for the best organic baby formula for your baby, look for one that contains breastmilk or cow’s milk. In addition to being the best source of nutrition, breastmilk is the perfect host for beneficial microorganisms in your infant’s digestive tract, which will support his or her health in many ways. cow’s milk or human breast milk is the best source of vitamins A, D, and E. These vitamins are very powerful in helping your child grow and develop properly. In addition to cow’s milk, formulas using goat’s milk or soy milk are equally beneficial for your baby.

Another common artificial ingredient in baby formulas is corn syrup or fructose. Both of these ingredients are commonly used because of their cheap price, however, they can be detrimental to a baby’s health because they contain a lot of calories. The average American baby intake is twenty to thirty five grams of calories per day, much of which comes from corn syrup and fructose. Many parents are now switching to organic baby formula because they believe that these artificial ingredients are not healthy for their child.

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You may be concerned about the chemicals in non-organic baby formula, such as BPA. Although it has been removed from U.S. products, it is still found in baby bottles produced overseas. BPA is known to leech estrogen from the body, which can disrupt the normal menstrual cycle in a developing child. Consult your pediatrician to learn more about the safety of this chemical in your baby’s diet.

For optimum health, your baby should get regular doses of calcium and vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D are good choices for developing bones and teeth, and hippos are known to have high levels of these nutrients. Palm oil is another natural food source with plenty of benefits for baby. However, palm oil is a controversial animal product, and it is not recommended as a primary source of nutrition. It may be a good choice to add a organic baby formula made from soy or palm oil to compensate for the inadequacies of these natural foods.

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