Dog Runs Off-Leash

How to Keep Your Dog Off-Leash

When you take your dog to a dog park, chances are he or she will runoff. It’s happened to us all at one time or another. The problem is we tend to get so caught up in having fun with our dogs that we don’t realize how dangerous it can be when your dog runs off-leash. This danger exists in public parks, whether they are in small backyards or large parks. Here are some of the ways you can teach your dog to stay on leash and never run off-leash:


Don’t Use Your Long Leash.

The reason most people have trouble training their dogs not to run off-leash is that they tie them up so tightly. When you use a long leash, the dog has no choice but to follow you wherever you go. Although many large dogs enjoy this freedom, many smaller dogs hate it. A better solution is to use a short leash that lets your dog run off-leash whenever it wants to.


Put Open Space in the Park.

If you go to a dog park and your dog doesn’t seem to want to stay on a leash, one of the best things you can do is to set up an open space. This will let your dog run off-leash without running into things or being impeded by other dogs.


Lock Wild Animals Out of the Park.

If you bring your dog to a public park, make sure you close it to wild animals and other pets. Some parks even put these animals in pens for them to starve. When wild animals wander into an area, most people will chase them out and call the authorities. However, if you lock the animals out, they will usually not come back. This can prevent a nuisance in your neighborhood.


Use a Dog Park Pass. If you love your pet,

you may want to buy a park pass for a specific date. Passes can be purchased at many different locations, including pet stores, convenience stores, and even online. If you have an extra-large family, consider purchasing a parking pass so that your dogs can go to the park twice a week instead of once per week.


Look at Dog Parks Near Your House.

Some dog parks are within walking distance of your house. Other parks are a short distance from the house, but close enough to walk to. If you live far away from a dog park, consider taking your furry friend with you every day at the park. This will ensure that your pet gets plenty of exercises.

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