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Getting the Best Business Electricity Deal

As alternative fuel technologies become more mainstream, it is becoming increasingly important for business owners to consider their long-term strategies for energy procurement. Today, it is essential for businesses that generate a large amount of electricity to make smart energy choices. A smart grid will play a vital role in helping to ensure that the power supply for many UK households and offices remains uninterrupted. With more than half of the UK population now using electricity supplied by electricity companies, smart meters have become a necessity for businesses that generate a high amount of electricity.


The Big Six energy providers

currently provide the majority of UK electricity. However, over recent years there has been a remarkable increase in the number of small, independent suppliers offering either commercial or domestic energy or both. Many of these new companies can offer competitive rates and offers which are often far better than those provided by traditional energy supplies. This article aims to offer an introduction to some of the best-known suppliers of residential and commercial electricity in the UK.


First of all, if you are interested in setting up

a direct debit with your supplier it may be worth talking to your bank about setting up a cheque in their name each month. Many suppliers offer their customers a range of financial benefits, including the option to pay for their energy costs directly through their company rather than via a bank. This can either be a credit-to-debt scheme or a debit card, enabling the user to simply withdraw cash at any time for use towards their energy costs. A further advantage is that many suppliers allow customers to set a daily limit on the amount of cash they wish to withdraw per day – making the payment system quite flexible.


Another way to help reduce your energy costs

is to make use of the option of a multi-fuel invoice approach. This means that not only can you compare prices and tariff structures between different suppliers but you can also analyze the differences between the suppliers you are currently using. If you have any questions about whether the level of competition in your chosen sector is good enough to warrant switching then take advice from a broker or consult a specialist.


After you have taken the time to compare your existing supplier

with the latest quotes from new providers then the next step is to secure a new business energy tariff from them. Many providers will offer this at an introductory rate, allowing you to start taking control of your energy consumption immediately. However, it’s important to read the small print on any contracts you sign, including a company’s terms and conditions around how they calculate tariffs and who pays for anything extra.


The final step to getting the best business electricity deal

is to get a meter installed. A new meter will allow you to show your energy usage to your new supplier and get a clearer idea of where you stand. It can also be useful if you want to start your own business and if you decide to change jobs so that you can increase your business energy usage then a new meter will help you to keep a tab on how much you’re using and any other environmental improvements you may have been able to achieve while keeping your prices down.

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