Dentists For Your Health

Dentists are doctors who specialize in the study, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and preventative of oral diseases and disorders. The dentist’s support team helps in providing complete oral health care. It includes the hygienist, a professional who cleans teeth; the dentist assistants, who assist the dentist; the registered nurses, who assist in taking blood samples and performing laboratory tests; the dietitian, who prepare the patients’ daily food intake; the therapists, who help to enhance the patient’s self-care; the technicians, who make the patient’s dental examination and treatments efficient; and the assistants to the dentists, who take the patients’ dental x-rays and prepare them for their examination and treatment. The dental hygienist is the chief of staff in a dentist’s office and is responsible for planning and executing a patient’s dental plan. The assistant is usually junior to the hygienist and is responsible for basic office procedures.


Dental Assistants (DA)

are people who are employed by dentists and are responsible for a variety of duties in the office of a dentist. DA’s help dentists in the preparation of patients for examinations, take X-rays of teeth for cleaning, and prepare patients for treatments. Some dentists require DA’s to assist them while others may not. Dentists will often refer to DAs to help them during dental procedures.


Dentists can specialize in one or more specialties.

Specialty areas include pediatric dentistry which deals with pediatric oral health; prosthodontics, which involves rehabilitation and orthodontics, which involves diseases of the jaw and chewing muscles; periodontics which involves diseases of the gum and periodontitis, which involve root canal therapy for infected gums. A subspecialty of periodontics is orthodontics, which is concerned with treating and preventing disorders and conditions that affect the teeth, jaw, and tongue. Many dentists also participate in inter-dental care, which is an oral treatment given to both inside and outside of the mouth.


Dental Assistants perform tasks

that are similar to those of a licensed dentist but do not have all of the schooling and training of a dentist. Some dentists will train DAs in their specific specialty areas and teach them the skills they need to carry out their responsibilities. Dentists can provide many patient services such as taking and developing x-rays, cleaning teeth, preparing patients for dental treatments, charting oral health care, filing and tracking dental records, preparing teeth charts, preparing permanent patient charts and handling emergency patient visits. Some dentists will assign DAs to work under their supervision in different parts of the office or across the entire practice.


It takes about two years to become a dentist.

You will need to attend a dental school that offers an associate degree or bachelor’s degree program. To get into a top dental school, you will have to be admitted to an accredited university or community college. Oral surgeons who completed an oral health care specialist program also can go on to become a dentist. Dentists who attend dental school will usually begin to treat patients immediately after graduating.


The dental services

offered by a cosmetic dentist are geared toward creating a natural, beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentists work on both adults and children. A dentist may perform basic dental services such as removing plaque and polishing the teeth. However, a cosmetic dentist is more likely to perform procedures that improve the look of the face by improving its shape, color, and overall look.

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