Dental Careers

Dental Careers

Dental Careers involves the art of curing tooth decay, gum disease, periodontal disease, jaw ailments, and many other dental problems of a variety. Dentists are required to have a thorough understanding of dental science to provide patient care that is superior to that of other dentists in their area. Dental careers enable you to completely transform the lives of unfortunate patients by performing dental treatments that prevent further issues, remove pain, restore missing oral function and ultimately eliminate tooth decay and bad breath.


In addition to great earning potential,

dental careers also allow you to be your boss by establishing your privacy practices. A dental career involves not only treating patients but also promoting and managing them. To achieve success as a dental assistant, you will need to obtain formal training at an accredited medical facility or accredited vocational school. Upon completion of the training program, you will then be required to take an oral surgery exam to become a certified dental assistant. Once you pass this exam, you will be licensed to work in a variety of facilities such as dental offices, hospitals, clinics, dental schools, and more.


Dental Assistants

enjoy a fast-paced environment in which they are required to be highly organized with ample time to complete paperwork and procedures daily. These professionals are paid very well for performing a variety of duties, which include prepping the dental office for the next appointment, taking x-rays, preparing and filing patient charts, assisting the dental hygienist during procedures, assisting the dentist during procedures, and more. Dental Assistants who obtain formal education are often able to advance to higher-paying positions, such as dental secretaries, dental research assistants, and receptionists within dental offices. Because dental careers require a great deal of dedication, Dental Careers candidates must have a strong work ethic and be willing to accept high levels of responsibility. In some areas, the need for Dental Careers assistants is great due to the low percentage of employees trained in the required skills.



are another profession that requires high levels of education and dedication to ensure one’s ability to achieve success. Dentists are responsible for ensuring that a patient’s oral health is maintained through a routine schedule of dental visits, examinations, cleanings, and treatments. A degree in dentistry is required to prepare students to enter the field and to compete against other qualified applicants. Students will also need to undergo a comprehensive application process that requires completing some multiple-choice questions and a written oral hygiene exam. Earning potential is great for those interested in pursuing a dental career, as there are a high level of job satisfaction and earning potential.


For those considering working in orthodontics,

the earning potential is great due to the number of duties required and the high level of education required. Dental Assistants are responsible for administering basic procedures such as teeth cleanings and extractions, and may also help with surgical procedures. Earning potential for these dental careers is great, especially for those who enjoy working with people daily. Dentists earn a higher median annual salary in many cases, and orthodontists experience greater job satisfaction.


Dental Assistants perform routine office

tasks such as making appointments, answering phones, scheduling appointments, processing insurance claims, preparing patients for dental exams and x-rays, and charting patient appointments. Dental Assistants typically make approximately $15 per hour, although their duties often depend on the number of appointments they make in a day or a week. Due to the great amount of work required, these dental assistants will often require on-the-job training in preparation for their careers. The median annual salary for dental assistants is $30 per hour, with some positions paying more than that. These jobs are ideal for students planning to become dental assistants.

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