Basics of Eye Shadow Application

Eye shadow also may be applied below the eyes

Eye shadow, a special cosmetic typically applied to the upper eyelids to enhance the appearance of the eye, is a very popular cosmetic. It is often used to create the appearance of a shaded area around the eye. Eye shadow also may be applied below the eyes or on the upper brow bones.

To apply eye shadow, you should have at least two colors to start with and a good quality eye shadow brush. Make sure to use a blending brush, as it helps make the colors of the eye shadow blend together more smoothly. Next, choose a medium color that matches either the eye color or eye shadow shade to be used. You may want to wear white, black or brown eye makeup for daytime wear and a colored eye shadow for nighttime wear.

blend as well as a larger brush

The size of the brush should be small enough to create a well-defined application and take up little space in your purse. For example, the tip of a baby’s eye shadow brush may be the same size as the eye pencil, but it needs to be smaller. A large eye shadow brush, such as that for creating a dramatic eye look, should be kept stored in a decorative box so that it does not become damaged. If you use a small brush, it will not blend as well as a larger brush with a defined shape.

There are many types of eye shadow. For a casual summer look, you might choose light pastel shades and bright yellows such as yellow, orange and red, which coordinate well with both light and neutral pastel shades. For a more formal look, you would likely select darker pastels and brighter colors such as blue, green and purple. Mascara on the other hand can be of several types including liquid, pencil, sponge and cream.

Eye makeup can be a fun process

One important aspect of applying eye shadow is using a good blending brush. A blending brush will help keep the colors on your eyes uniformed. You do not want a shaded area in your eyes, but rather a defined color. A fine-tipped blending brush will accomplish this goal. As a rule of thumb, the larger the brush, the finer the shade and the lighter the shade should be.

Eye makeup can be a fun process if you have the right products and practice on a small portion of your face before attempting it on the entire face. If you apply too much, the result may be over emphasized. On the other hand, if you apply too little, the skin may appear dried. There are also many different eye shadow applications available, so practice the basics and soon you will master the eye shadow application process.

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